Here Comes Autumn…and Outdoor Picnic

Today we received our first fall picnic invite! Oh I am so very happy especially that Little C’s been asking to go to the park. He misses the slides, the swing, the duck and fish feeding, and most of all, climbing those trees!

It’s going to be  a potluck so I will be bringing Chicken tikka masala and kheema paratha. I also wish to make a separate area for kids snacks so I will bring along my lovely yet smudge-proof table cloth from . This type of picnic blanket gives a country feel and hides any spills or stains making the picnic spread better looking all the way.

Fall in Dubai is also the start of peak season for tourists when the weather cools down and when beach and park, and outdoor activities abound. What are your plans?

Scenic Sunday: Dubai Ladies Night View

Happy Sunday to you! Ready for the new working week? Or are you wishing to extend the lively weekend for one more day?

Certainly you may! For the hottest ladies night in Dubai happens tomorrow – right up at the 52nd floor of The Observatory. Below is the view and you can also read my review for Guilt Free Ladies Night.

 Dubai marina at night. Shot from The Observatory.

Jacuzzi Weekend

How is the weekend going on travel bunnies? The collage below pretty much sums up mine. I had my nails done then stepped into the bubbling hot tub to wash the cares away of another extremely busy week.

I also joined a little dance aerobic right there at the pool with DJ blasting hot dance tracks. Yes, the outdoor party season unofficially starts now. The weather is getting cooler meaning we will all have those beach party invites in no time. If you are thinking of hosting your very own, click to get Hot Deals on DJ stand racks.

After 48 hours of roasting under Dubai sun, time to pay for it so I am off to the clinic for some much needed facial treatment.

Until next indulgence news! meantime, keep living that fabulous life you have.