Cooking Marathon for Eid Holidays!

The Eid holidays is sandwiched on working days that most of our friends forego their planned roadtrips. Instead we chose to visit the secret beach nearby and the family even went to an unplanned camping – sleeping beneath the stars.

Tonight being the last day of the Eid holidays for the private sector, we are hosting dinner for friends. Again this is something that just came out of the blue so I have no theme. I simply cooked our family favorite recipes (see photo below), brought out numerous candles, made goodie bag for the children visiting, and  brought out the finer things we have like my jewel-toned taffeta table cloth which everyone of my friends covet. Not to worry you can buy crinkle taffeta table linens here .

I am just resting for awhile and thought I should pop in to say hello to you my dear readers. I know you are busy spending time with your loved ones too so I won’t keep this long. I must go check if Hubby indeed did not forget to chill the Pinot Grigio.

Eid Mubarak to you all!

Tonight’s diner party menu includes Pineapple Chicken Stew, Baked Potato with Lamb Sausage and Sage, Thai White Fish Curry, and Country Chocolate Cherry Cake for dessert.

Escape to Laucala Island for Eid Al Fitr

Searching for the perfect destination holiday this Eid Al Fitr? Look no further than Laucala Island.  Located in the South Pacific archipelago of Fiji, self-sustainable Laucala is rated among the top three luxury island resorts in the world and is the eco-chic destination of the decade.

 Laucala Island offers the perfect Eid escape for families large and small. The exclusive tropical hideaway boasts 25 luxuriously appointed Fijian-styled villas set over 1,400 hectares of coconut plantations. Each villa offers complete privacy, peace and quiet, with expansive views of the surrounding cerulean sea. For the ultimate family hideaway, you can exclusively book the Hilltop Owners Residence. The property consists of a spacious master residence and two guest villas both offering stunning 360-degree views of the South Pacific Ocean.

 With a combination of dramatic rainforest-laced landscapes and white sandy beaches, Laucala Island is the perfect location to reconnect with nature and your soul. Organic wellness treatments and outdoor activities ensure guests focus on total relaxation and rejuvenation. Play a round of golf on the 18-hole par 72 championship course, go horse riding along the beach or choose from a vast array of water activities including snorkeling, coral reef diving, jet skiing, windsurfing and deep sea fishing in a traditional Fijian Camakau sail boat. Children are more than welcome at Laucala, with a great variety of water sport activities and an excellent kids club.

 The Laucala Spa, set on Nawi Hill enjoys stunning views stretching down to the white sandy beaches and blue South Pacific Ocean.  Each of the four spa suites has private changing pavilions secluded in the lush gardens while enormous alfresco stone baths are concealed behind dense foliage.

 Dining at Laucala is an event in itself. The island boasts the freshest seafood caught by local fishermen, and organic meat, fruit and vegetables and herbs grown on the island farm. From poolside lunches, teppanyaki barbecues to seven course degustation menus or private moonlight dinners on the beach, each dining experience on Laucala is beyond compare.

Service on ultra-exclusive Laucala Island is unparalleled with 320 staff catering to a maximum of 50 guests. The island is accessible by boat or private jet and, for those who prefer to keep this treasure all to themselves, Laucala Island can be booked exclusively.

 Reservations for Laucala Island can be made through The Exclusive Travel Group, the island’s exclusive representative in the Middle East or its approved local partner agents The Travel Attaché and UTravel. For more information visit

Blogging from LAX

Howdy dear readers!

Today we are flying back to Dubai via Emirates airline. Little C is asleep and Hubby has found a fellow petrol head to converse with. The guy is heading to UAE for a six months job probation and interested about vehicle export rates as he wants to bring his Toyota 4runner to Dubai. The SUV model is presently not available in the Emirates. When things got too technical for me to comprehend, I excused myself and dashed to the nearest Pinkberry shop. Here I am now blogging amidst the LAX chaos.

We have an hour to go yet before boarding. It will be a 16-hour flying time – bless my legs – back to our resident country. I don’t want to talk how I feel or else I will be wailing right here on the carpeted floor hihihih.

We’ve been traveling for the past 24 days and has kept a diary. I am itching to publish them but I wish to spice em up with photos. If Picasa cooperates, our 3rd day of travel will go live later today.

Ah spring. It is always my favourite season to travel! Four years ago, on the very same date, we were in Rome. Let nostalgia begin….